James Sunderland welcomes apology for historical ban of LGBTQ+ personnel in the military

James Sunderland welcomes the Government apology for the 1967-2000 ban on LGBTQ+ personnel in the military and the historical treatment of LGBTQ+ veterans.

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

I thank the Defence Secretary for his statement, which, as a proud LGBTQ+ champion, I strongly support. I wonder if he might indulge me the opportunity, as a former commanding officer, of presenting him with his annual appraisal on his final tour of duty with the MOD. It says here, quite clearly, that Captain Wallace is strident, forthright, spirited and fearless in the pursuit of an outcome, which we have just seen in this statement. I have regretfully graded him A- for potential, given that he is moving on from the top job, but we can all agree that he gets an A+ for performance. Does he agree that he is leaving the MOD a much better place than it was when he arrived, not least for LGBTQ+ personnel?

The Secretary of State for Defence (Mr Ben Wallace)

I am grateful to my hon. Friend. If the truth be known, I do not think I ever got an A in anything. Maybe I am finishing this job without being found out.