My six point plan for Bracknell
  1. Global Britain

    Worldwide trade deals to benefit the whole community, ensure the benefits are delivered for all our residents.
  2. Even better services

    Even better services through joined-up easy to access services based on the needs of our local community, better social care, improved NHS facilities and even more GPs.
  3. An even better place to...

    An even better place to live work and play by forging and building relationships with every part of our community.
  4. To plan for our future

    To plan for our future by supporting our children and young people with outstanding schools, colleges and apprenticeships.
  5. Look after our people

    Look after our people by promoting healthy living, better leisure facilities, more opportunity and prosperity for all, tough on crime, more police, and even safer communities.
  6. Care for what we have

    Care for what we have by preserving our greenspaces, reduce congestion and combat the effects of climate change.