My Plan for Bracknell, Crowthorne and Sandhurst
1. Become an even better place to live

I will continue to push for improved work and leisure facilities, better housing, protection of our public buildings and history, better retail opportunities and an improved transport network for road and rail.

2. Enhance local services

I will continue to work with Bracknell Forest Council, Frimley Health Integrated Care Board, local NHS facilities and the voluntary and community sectors to enhance our excellent public services.

3. Reinforce economic strength

I will ensure that new investment, funding, commerce and employment are attracted to Bracknell Forest. . By working alongside the Chamber of Commerce, The Bracknell Improvement District (The BID) and the Council, we can strengthen the economic strategy and growth of the Borough.

4. Educate for the future

The Bracknell Constituency is blessed with many schools and colleges that are Ofsted-rated Good or Outstanding, but we can still improve the offer. We have more to do to support Special Educational Needs and I will continue to push for early delivery of our new SEN units.  I will also work with business and colleges to promote T Levels and apprenticeships.

5. Get tougher on crime

With the overall net edition of 60+ police officers in the Bracknell and Wokingham police area (784 in Thames Valley) since 2010, we will maintain law and order, better investigate crime, reduce nuisance driving/speeding, crack down on anti-social behaviour and make our communities even safer.

6. Care for what we have

We must safeguard our green open spaces, protect the environment, achieve Net-Zero targets and maintain the climate emergency plan in Bracknell Forest.  This will be achieved by reducing carbon emissions, developing sustainable energy policies, building new net-zero homes, expanding electric vehicle charging facilities and recycling measures.