James Sunderland urges BA to commit to rehiring its staff on their old terms when the good times return

Intervening in a debate on the Aviation Sector, James Sunderland calls on British Airways to back up its assurances that the current restructuring is solely due to covid-19 by undertaking now to rehire its staff on their old terms once the good times return.

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

We are continually being told by companies such as British Airways that the rationale for the current staff restructuring plans stems from covid-19, and covid-19 only. To prove that point, does my hon. Friend agree that British Airways should undertake now to rehire its staff on their old terms once the good times return?

Joy Morrissey

My hon. Friend makes an excellent point, particularly as I believe British Airways pointed out to its shareholders that it planned to get back to levels of profitability and demand by 2023. It also plans, through its partner company IAG, to acquire Air Europa for an estimated €500 million off the back of the hardworking BA employees who have dedicated so much time to build up the assets the company as a whole is benefiting from. I hope we can look at landing slots, and how we can hold BA and other companies to account.