James Sunderland speaks in debate on Powers of Attorney Bill

James Sunderland speaks in the Second reading debate on a Bill that would digitise Powers of Attorney, tackle the backlog at the Office of the Public Guardian and improve protection against fraud.

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

I am not a lawyer—heaven forbid!—but my understanding of the Bill is that it will do a number of really important things. It will provide much better safeguards on financial and property issues, and it will provide safeguards where there is loss of mental capacity and against abuses of power. It will also make the process a bit more streamlined, as we will not be so dependent on expensive lawyers now that legal executives can do this. My question for my hon. Friend is, will it be any cheaper?

Stephen Metcalfe 

My hon. Friend asks a very good question. Although I cannot guarantee it will be cheaper, I can say that it will be no more expensive. We need to make the system sustainable and the relatively straightforward reforms in my Bill will allow that to happen, while keeping the price competitive, as it is at the moment.