James Sunderland speaks in Adjournment Debate on Dark Skies

Speaking in an Adjournment Debate on Dark Skies, James Sunderland points out the cost benefits to local councils of turning out unnecessary lights. 

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

My hon. Friend and I share much the same views on dark skies: I am a huge fan. While we need to be careful of safety at night, people walking, pavements and safe passage home, does my good friend agree that turning out the lights could save councils an absolute fortune in money and cost?

Andrew Griffith 

As ever, my hon. Friend, with his varied experience that he brings to the House, makes an excellent point. Not only can hard-pressed local councils save money that they can redirect to supporting their residents elsewhere, but there is also, surprisingly, no evidence at all that street lighting contributes to greater safety and it has impacts on the environment, as well as some of the other impacts that we talk about. He makes a very good point.