James Sunderland calls on Government to resolve issues with post-Brexit trade with the EU

James Sunderland calls on the Government to do more to help businesses tackling ongoing red tape in post-Brexit trade with the European Union.

Free Trade Agreements: Professional Business Services

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

What steps she is taking to promote professional business services in free trade agreements. (914116)

The Minister for Trade Policy (Greg Hands)

The UK is a world leader in professional business services and the second biggest exporter of PBS globally, with a trade surplus of £33 billion in 2018. To support this important and diverse sector, we are seeking ambitious FTA commitments in cross-cutting areas like mobility and digital, as well as tackling specific behind-the-border regulatory barriers such as recognition and professional qualifications.

James Sunderland 

The Minister will forgive me for being a bit concerned about ongoing red tape in post-Brexit trade with the European Union. This is affecting businesses in Bracknell and beyond. Will he please outline what his Department is doing to support the Cabinet Office in resolving this?

Greg Hands 

DIT has very active participation in the current helplines for businesses facing issues in exporting to the EU. We participate, of course, in the Brexit business taskforce, we provide a DIT internationalisation fund for those looking to export, and we have 300 international trade advisers across the country and at posts right across the European Union. This is a whole-of-Government effort, and, as I said earlier, the data are starting to show encouraging signs of a recovery in our trade.