James Sunderland backs Prime Minister on his approach to the Integrated Review

James Sunderland backs the Prime Minister on taking the review back to first principles and seeks reassurance from the PM that people affected by any restructuring will be looked after.

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

As a former soldier, may I reassure the Prime Minister that taking the review back to first principles, and assessing the future capability requirements against the threat, is absolutely the right thing to do? Will he reassure me that where restructuring is needed—notably perhaps in my own service—our people will be looked after?

The Prime Minister 

We are determined to look after all the wonderful men and women of our armed services, not just by protecting them after they have served, and by protecting veterans who may be at risk of vexatious litigation in the way I have described; we also have to ensure that we look after people during their service. In particular, we must look after families, who often bear the brunt of the commitments and sacrifices that our armed services make. That is why we have committed to wraparound childcare for those involved in our armed services.