14 July 2023
Statement on the Public Sector Pay Settlement

James Sunderland’s statement on the public sector pay settlement.

In the UK, we are rightly proud of our world-class public servants and that’s why today the Prime Minister is delivering one of the highest pay settlements in more than two decades.

This settlement will put more money in the pockets of those public servants that tirelessly support our country.

Responsible spending is the only way we can bring down inflation, especially during the cost of living crisis.  It would be neither fair nor affordable to meet unstainable demands for pay rises.  However, recognising the hard work that our public sector performs on a daily basis is still of paramount importance.

I am pleased that the Government is sticking to its promises on public sector pay and the pay review bodies.  This is providing a fair deal that follows the recommendations of the independent pay review bodies, but that involves no new spending and no new borrowing.


  • This deal delivers the biggest pay increase for teachers in 30 years
  • This will see the typical teacher take home almost £44,300 a year, with a pay increase of more than £2,700
  • Around 40% of teachers’ pay will rise by between 10 and 17.4%.

NHS Staff:

  • First year Junior Doctors basic pay will rise by 10.3% - or over £3,000.
  • The lowest paid GPs will see an increase of £3,900 or 6%
  • Consultants will see an average increase of around £6,300.
  • Our previously agreed deal with NHS staff delivered a 5% pay rise along with one-off awards worth more than £3,600 for the typical nurse or ambulance worker.


  • A typical police officer (constables) will see an increase of nearly £5,000.

Armed forces:

  • A £2,000 increase with around a 10% rise for the lowest paid personnel - £3,000+ on average.

Prison officers:

  • Increases of £1,600-£5,000, with a 10% uplift for the lowest paid.