21 June 2023
Statement on the Merger between Ringmead Medical Practice and Sandhurst Group Practice

Following the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Report into Sandhurst Group Practice in 2022, significant efforts have been undertaken locally to tackle identified failings and to improve levels of customer service.  I am pleased to report that progress continues and I am grateful to Frimley Integrated Care System (ICS) for all their support.

Over the past few months, extensive negotiations have been held behind the scenes on the future of Sandhurst Group Practice itself and on the options for improving governance.  These have been detailed, complex and time-consuming and I have regularly met with key stakeholders.  I am therefore thrilled to report today that Ringmead Medical Practice will be assuming responsibility for Sandhurst Group Practice on 1st July 2023.  This will provide a much needed boost to existing services and procedures, additional support staff, a new but proven management regime and an enhanced patient experience which should continue to improve care beyond current levels.

I am grateful to Frimley ICS, Bracknell Forest Council, the partners at Ringmead and Sandhurst Practices and all of the NHS planners who have worked so hard to facilitate the new governance. Can I also please thank everyone who has contacted me over the last few months and the brilliant staff at the practice.  Whilst there is more to do, we have listened and we have acted.