20 September 2021
MP visits alternative provision learning provider AltProv

Local MP James Sunderland visited BM Active and AltProv who provide students with bespoke alternative learning and an enriched timetable to re-engage them in learning and prepare them to return to mainstream schools or college or university.

The team of 15 work with young people to engage them as individuals through various forms of social inclusion. Through sports such as boxing and football, to cooking, homeskills and outdoor activities we mentor each child to become the best version of themselves.

Many children across Bracknell Forest benefit from the support they provide.

James Sunderland said:
“On Friday I met with the staff and parents, because this provision is under threat through no fault of their own. I will be taking this up with the relevant ministers and Bracknell Forest Council.

“Thank you to Brian and the whole team for all the fantastic work you do.”

James Sunderland visits BM Active and The Alt Prov