11 June 2022
MP meets residents of Orwell Drive and Nightingale fields

Local MP joined Cllr Rebecca Margetts to meet local residents at Orwel Drive, Arborfield Green to discuss the issues they face in the poor delivery of service from Pinnacle Property Management and Crest Nicholson.

James Sunderland MP, Cllr Rebecca Margetts and residents at Orwell Drive

James said:

“It is disappointing that developers make promises during the sales process, require purchasers to enter into opened contracts for grounds maintenance and then don’t deliver on their promises. Easy for them to fix!

“The A327 is the responsibility of Wokingham Borough Council and I will be following up with them about road safety aspects in Arborfield Green.

“Residents are still waiting for plans to be submitted by Crest Nicholson to build the village community centre. So many promises to residents not being kept! When I looked at the www.arborfieldgreen.co.uk website setup by Crest Nicholson so many pages are missing, including the one about the community centre.”