31 July 2023
MP calls for Home Office review in Luke Ings case

Local MP James Sunderland visited Luke Ings at HMP Frankland (Durham) in late 2021 and has been lobbying the Home Office to review his case.

He said:

“Luke deserves his chance, having served many more years than his original sentence. It is fitting that the parole board makes every effort to release IPP prisoners back into the community after serving their sentence.

“This is an important issue. I think it would sit uncomfortably with anybody knowing that we have these people in prison.

“I think in many ways once they've served their term, we've got to work really hard to release them back into the community and give them a chance.

“I think Luke deserves that chance but of course those risks must be managed at the same time and I'm sure there's a way of doing it.”

ITV News Report