18 September 2020
Latest figures demonstrate the scale of Government support for self-employed in Bracknell constituency

New statistics showing the huge Government support to self-employed workers in the Bracknell constituency have been welcomed by local MP James Sunderland.

3,500 self-employed people in the constituency have accessed £10,300,000 worth of Government grants through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme’s second tranche. These grants do not need to be paid back and will help to cover lost earnings.

This is in addition to the support given to self-employed workers through the first grant – worth £15,000,000 in the Bracknell constituency.

Self-employed people have had six months of income support during the coronavirus pandemic – one of the most generous schemes in the world.

  • A first grant, covering up to 80 per cent of average monthly profits was made available for March-May
  • There has been a second grant covering up to 70 per cent of average monthly profits, available for June-August.  

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Conservative Government has provided a huge and unprecedented package of economic support to protect both lives and livelihoods – worth more than £160 billion.

Commenting, James Sunderland MP said:

“I know this year has been hugely challenging for self-employed workers in the Bracknell constituency, and these latest figures demonstrate the scale of support that the Conservative Government has put in place to support their livelihoods.

“Never has the Conservatives’ agenda to level up the whole county been so important – giving our entrepreneurs the confidence they need as they look ahead to the future.”