5 March 2020
Justice Week 2020

The theme of Justice Week 2020 is broadly Public Legal Education. The intention is that the week’s engagement, collateral, and media coverage will boost public understanding of the fundamentals of the justice system in England and Wales. At a time of widespread discussion and debate about citizens’ rights and obligations, the role of Parliament and the rule of law, the week will be a unique opportunity for all organisations with an interest in Public Legal Education to use it as a platform to highlight their work and campaigns.

I was pleased to have visited Oaklands Junior School in Wokingham Without who took part in the week's activities. The school invited various guests who explained their role in the justice system to students.   I was delighted to meet the students and talk to them about Parliament and my role as an MP.

Congratulations to the students and staff at the school for taking part in such an important element of citizenship education within the school's curriculum. 

I especially liked the London red bus that is now used as the school's library. This is an innovative way to encourage children.


Oaklands Junior School