6 February 2024
James Sunderland welcomes the Government’s Disability Action Plan to benefit people across the Bracknell Constituency

James Sunderland MP has welcomed the Government’s new Disability Action Plan as part of their long-term plan to help disabled people across Bracknell, Crowthorne and Sandhurst fulfil their potential and ensure nothing holds them back.

Informed by the views of over 1,300 disabled people, their families and interested parties, the action plan sets out 32 practical actions to transform the everyday lives of disabled people and make the UK the most accessible place in the world. Measures include building an online information hub for local authorities on opening accessible playgrounds, creating a new fund to support disabled people who want to be elected to public office, improving support for people with assistance dogs, and leading new research into emerging issues affecting disabled people in the UK over the next 20 years.

The Cabinet Office’s Disability Unit will also be working with other government departments to explore bidding to host and deliver the 2031 Special Olympics World Summer Games. The Disability Action Plan builds on the strong progress of successive Governments. Since 2013, 2 million more disabled people have entered work, including 1.6 million since 2017 –overdelivering on the commitment to get one million more disabled people into work by 2027, five years ahead of target. The Government is also continuing to expand employment support for people with disabilities through programmes including the £2.5 billion Back to Work Plan, which includes reforms to help those with disabilities and health conditions and changing the Work Capability Assessment to reflect the modern world of work and the opportunities available to disabled people. These measures will help to remove barriers facing disabled people and ensure that everyone can fulfil their potential

The Government is continuing to deliver on its long-term plan to build a brighter future for disabled people in the UK.

Commenting, James said:

“Everyone in Bracknell, Crowthorne and Sandhurst deserves to lead a happy and fulfilling life, regardless of additional mental or physical needs. “I am delighted that the government is building on its strong track record of supporting disabled people with its new Disability Action Plan, setting out 32 practical steps to transform disabled people’s everyday lives to ensure disabled people can participate fully in society. “We are delivering on our long-term plan to build a brighter future for disabled people by making the country the most accessible place in the world, ensuring everyone can live their life to the full.”

Commenting, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Mims Davies MP, said:

“We are building on this government’s really strong track record of supporting and delivering for disabled people by using their key feedback to deliver vital, everyday changes to their lives and we have listened to their asks and are truly determined to deliver on them.”

“This new wide-ranging plan means disabled children can rightly enjoy the fun of the playground, disabled customers can use the services they’re entitled to, and businesses who break laws around assistance dogs will be firmly held to account, amongst other impactful changes. “I look forward to seeing the immediate impact of the Disability Action Plan while we deliver on long-term reforms to make this country the most accessible and importantly equal place to live in the world –so everyone can live their lives to the full and thrive.”