1 August 2023
James Sunderland welcomes cheaper pints in pubs across Bracknell constituency as UK reaps benefits of Brexit

James Sunderland held his surgery at the Crown Wood in Oplanden Way courtesy of landlord Phil Duhig. James has welcomed news that the Government is protecting the price of a pint by increasing the generosity of Draught Relief – meaning the alcohol duty paid for drinks on tap at the pub will be up to 11p less per pint than in a supermarket.

This will benefit the 5,150 pubs across the South East now and in the future, as the Government has given a Brexit Pubs Guarantee to maintain the difference, so the duty paid at the pub for drinks on tap will always be lower than in the supermarket.

This is just one part of the biggest shake up of alcohol taxation in over a century – with the system being simplified so all drinks will now be taxed according to strength. Drinks such as sparkling wines, ciders, draught fruit ciders, liqueurs and ready to drink spirits – like a pre-mixed gin and tonic – will see their duty cut.

The Government is also backing Britain’s drinks industry, both with lower tax rates for lower alcohol products, and expanding tax reliefs for small producers so they have the freedom to grow and expand into new types of drink.

Keeping the duty paid on a pint and other drinks down – something we can only do thanks to Brexit – is just one of the ways the Government is delivering on its promise to halve inflation, as well as its work to grow the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists and stop the boats.

James said:

“Thanks to Phil Dohig at the excellent Crown Wood for hosting my constituency surgery. From today, taxes paid on pints in a pub or bar will be cheaper than local supermarkets. Please support your local pub!”

Photo: James Sunderland MP with Phil Duhig, landlord of the Crown Wood