22 March 2024
James Sunderland welcomes Bracknell Forest’s SEND Safety Valve agreement with the Department for Education

James has been working with Ministers and lobbying for this additional £16m in dedicated schools funding to help the council to better use their resources and manage spending on special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).


James Sunderland and Andrew Johnston OBE MP, Minister of State for Children, Families and Wellbeing.


James said:

“I was pleased today with the announcement that Bracknell Forest Council has confirmed its Safety Valve agreement with the Department for Education . Having worked on this with Ministers for months and lobbied continuously, it means an additional £16m of dedicated schools funding from the Government, plus ongoing advice and consultancy. The improved provision that this should bring, not just in school places but in earlier intervention and specialist support too, is to be welcomed.

“I will also continue to champion the earlier release of funding for the new SEND school in Crowthorne, for additional SEND provision beyond that and an ever better deal for our local families.”