20 October 2023
James Sunderland joins South Hill Park 50th anniversary celebration

James Sunderland attended the South Hill Park 50th anniversary ‘Showing Off’ celebration.

He said:

“The event was brilliant, uplifting and spectacular, with over 200 volunteers working hard and giving their time for free over many months to put on something that was very special.

“With so many former directors, performers and local people being reunited on the stage, it was an emotional night. Tributes were also paid to many legends who are no longer with us.

“Congratulations to everyone involved, including Craig Titley and his team, the Trustees, staff, performers and supporters for providing such a remarkable evening in the Wilde Theatre.”

South Hill Park is celebrating its 50th Anniversary for arts and crafts. With over 300 shows and events and over 250 arts and crafts classes per year, this is a jewel in the crown of Bracknell Forest.

Take a look at what is happening there, as there is something for everyone!