16 April 2021
James Sunderland encourages parents and teachers to nominate an Active School Hero

James Sunderland MP is encouraging parents, families and teachers to nominate an Active School Hero for 2021. The Active School Hero 2021 campaign recognises and celebrates the achievements of primary school staff across England who worked tirelessly to inspire our children to get active throughout the course of this difficult year.

Children and young people have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Unable to take part in school sports or play outside with friends and siblings, activity levels have plummeted. Over 70 per cent parents estimate their kids do not reach the recommended levels of physical activity, with 11 per cent children completing no physical activity at all. 

But across the country, primary school teachers and staff went above and beyond to make sure children could stay active throughout successive lockdowns. In doing so, these key workers have kickstarted a national recovery movement which seeks to undo the damage to our children’s wellbeing.  

Facilitated by ukactive Kids and Nike, this campaign seeks to identify this year’s Active School Hero winner.

James Sunderland said:
“I am excited to be supporting the work that Active School Hero are doing to recognise the important work that primary school staff are doing in keeping children active across England. Nominate your Active School Hero today and celebrate the incredible efforts of our local primary school staff.”

To nominate visit: https://activeschoolhero.com/nominate/