22 January 2020
Bracknell will be “at the epicentre of free trade”

Bracknell will be “at the epicentre of free trade” - that’s the message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This comes after Bracknell’s new MP James Sunderland asked the PM to “reassure” MPs trade agreements were coming after the UK leaves the EU at the end of January. 

Mr Sunderland said: “The Prime Minister will know that the Bracknell constituency is the proud home of over 150 internationally-focused companies.

“Could you please reassure the house what is being done to develop new, post-Brexit worldwide trade deals for the benefit of everyone in Bracknell, Crowthorne, Finchampstead, Sandhurst and of course right across the UK?”

James Sunderland MP

“From the 31st of this month, we will begin the process of negotiating free-trade agreements not just with the EU, but with friends and partners around the world so that Bracknell is at the epicentre of global free trade.”

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP